Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally a server would be physically placed and require a lot of electrical fail-safes to ensure that it stays running. Not to mention the physical maintenance that is required for traditional servers. Cloud hosting uses the resources of several servers to accommodate all the aspects of hosting your website. With a cloud server you are not restricted by any of the factors that affect a physical server. You are in complete control. Only a network connection is required for you to administer your server. You can even save your configured server as a new template to use again in the future. Virtual disks and CPU’s don’t fail and you can add or remove components with ease using our user friendly cloud control panel..
Nope! Our staff will make sure your website is functional before going “live” so there’ll be no downtime in the transition.
We currently run CentOS 7 (Linux) with cPanel installed on our Cloud-hosting platform.
This depends on the plan you’ve selected. All plans except the ‘Personal’ plan allow for multiple websites to be hosted.
Absolutely! We offer 1-click installs of 125+ applications, wordpress included. Set up a wordpress website in 60 seconds!
Yep, and we’ll handle the migration/upgrading process to make sure everything goes smoothly.