Friday June 11, 2021 By David Quintanilla
New Soft Drink Fantola Is For Generation Z | Dieline

Speak about packaging that’ll make you smile. Aqualife, designed by Svoe Mnenie Branding Company, options the brightest turquoise can you have ever seen. Entrance and heart, you may simply spot quirky illustrations that emit the identical sense of pleasure you’re feeling whereas cracking open a chilly can of soda on a sizzling summer season day. All the things about these cans is bubbly, vivid, and certain to make you’re feeling even only a contact extra full of life.

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Aqualife, the primary knowledgeable within the discipline of conventional household smooth drinks on the Russian market, decided to widen their portfolio with the model that might reply to the wants of youthful target market.

Because of the work completed the company advised the unique design idea of Fantola merchandise. The distinctive fantasy photographs made by our illustrators in a collage approach correspond to the primary function of the marketing campaign, comply with present tendencies (infantilism, irony and so forth.) and replicate the bizarre style mixtures.

In different phrases, the company has managed to create a considered one of form on the Russian market model of sentimental drinks for the youthful target market. Fantola turned a stylish attribute of youngsters and has been frequently talked about on social media.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

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